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This project is for fans from all over the world!

We think she would be the perfect guest and you do too or else you wouldn't be here.

Please go through the site and join us in trying to get Oprah to invite Anastacia on the show. The more people who send us e-mails or letters, sign the petition or post on the board the better the chances to get ourselves heard. We know that some of you have tried before with a letter writing campaign but we are ready to try again. Hopefully by joining together and sending Oprah a big package from Anastacia's world wide fan-ily we can get ourselves heard.

Anastacia has been an inspiration to us all, in one way or another and thats what we want to show to Oprahs people. Ana is loved world wide and we want to do our best to get her all the recognition she deserves.


We ask all webmasters to use this banner in a visible place on their webpage and link to By encouraging visitors for each webpage to participate in this project we will get a lot of emails and signatures to pass on to Oprah. Remember, this is a group effort so join today and help getting Anastacia on The Oprah Show! :)